Flyer Printing

What is Flyer Printing?

A flyer is a colourful single sheet of paper that is freely distributed to passers-by on roads, in events or enclosed with newspapers. Flyer printing is done with the use of a lot of colours and an attractive layout to grab the attention of the customers. The standard size of a flyer is 8.5″ x 11″, except for custom specification ordered by the client. A flyer is also printed on one side of the paper. The major types of flyers are:

  • Ad Flyers: As the name suggests, these flyers are for a one-time event, product, or service promotion. They have vibrant colours and catchy messages and are designed to grab the attention of the reader. Their purpose is to promote a limited-time offer, increase foot fall at commercial establishments, announce a product-launch, etc. They also come with an attention-grabbing picture of the product, service, or event to make them enticing for the end user.
  • Corporate or Business Flyers: These are used by large organisations, with the company’s logo and other details. The colour scheme, use of fonts and images – everything is designed to give a clean and official look. There is comparatively more content on such flyers.
  • Photo Flyers: These are primarily used to promote an event. They are photo centric to attract the attention of passers-by and have details of the event prominently displayed.

What Are the Uses of Flyers?

A flyer is an affordable attention-grabbing piece of stationery. It has been used as a marketing tool by companies and businesses for a long time. The short or one-time use of flyer does not take away their immense usefulness. Leaflet printing is intended for one-time use only and is tailored around an event or an announcement.

Promote an Event, Product or Service: Flyers are used to promote an event, a new product launch, or a service that people are unaware of. It is not usually done for brand building. With the use of the attractive colour scheme, large pictures, and an eye-catching headline, the flyer gives detailed information to incite the reader.

Limited-Time Offers: Flyer printing and distribution is done to advertise limited-time offers, for example, a flash-sale or a discount on a new or existing product line or service.

Affordable Advertising: To save on costs, it is better to look for cheap flyer printing businesses who can still maintain the quality of their work. One of the biggest advantages of using flyers is the physical distribution to the target audience. For a flash-sale or a stall in an exhibition, you want niche and targeted advertisements, done solely to attract interested buyers or clients. The flyer helps you achieve that marketing goal in the most affordable way.

Lead Generation: Flyers are a time-tested method of lead generation. It is the most affordable and quickest way to find new clients and customers for your product, service, or to increase footfalls at your event.

Difference Between a Flyer and Brochure

People usually assume a flyer and brochure to be the same. However, they are different and have different purposes. While a flyer is a single-page printed material, a brochure has several pages and a ‘C-fold’ or ‘double gate-fold. Some other major differences are:

Affordable vs. Premium: A flyer is more affordable, whereas a brochure is competitively expensive due to the quality of paper used and the number of pages printed.

Free Distribution vs. Select Distribution: Flyers are freely distributed to the public, whereas brochures are usually used by sales people for distribution to only potential buyers of a specific product or service.

Limited Time Event vs. Steady Product Line: Flyers are used to promote a one-time event or new launches, whereas brochures are used to promote a product or service for a longer duration.

Where to Find Cheap Rate Flyer Printing Service in Australia?

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