Custom ACP Sign Boards & Banners in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide

Aluminium composite panel or ACP sign board is the cost-effective and durable version of your exterior building sign board used for advertising your business. These can also be used in the interiors too. An ACP glow sign board will make them standout among other sign boards when the LED feature is incorporated in it. Shivam Printing provides the perfect sign boards for buildings in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. Here are a few advantages of printing an aluminium composite signboard from Shivam Printing.

  • It is light weight which allows for hassle-free transportation and installation
  • The flexibility of aluminium will let you mould it to any anything you want. Drilling holes on these sign boards are easy and can be effortlessly fixed to the wall.
  • Aluminium has commendable longevity due to its rust-free characteristic. It will last for years with minimal maintenance.
  • The paint we use on aluminium and the aluminium itself will resist the rain, sun, and rust. Thus, cleaning acrylic ACP signboard is not a tedious task.
  • We check the colours of our printers often to ensure that you get accurate colours after printing.

Your search for the most durable and attractive ACP sign board ends here at Shivam Printing. We have earned our reputation through the dedication and hard work of our team in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Contact us on (03) 9317 3434 to talk to our staff to know more about the time required and materials we use to create the ACP signboards for advertising your business.

Product Review

Shivam Printing offers ACP signboards in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide businesses at competitive prices. We can offer low-cost ACP boards when they are of smaller sizes. The cost goes up only when the aluminium panels are large and requires bubble wrap packing for delivery at faraway places to ensure that it is not damaged in the transit. However, print on the panel is durable as the thickness is 3mm and we use HP Latex Printers with quality HP inks.

We use Avery vinyl and lamination for durability as it improves the appearance and durability of the ACP sheet sign boards. We offer three types of lamination to your ACP sign board – Glossy, Anti-Graffiti and Matt finish. To maintain the quality of work, we use the state-of-the-art equipment as applicators. The time required to complete your order depends on the size of your ACP signboard and the location of delivery as shipping may take extra days. For quick delivery, ensure that you send your design and caption at the earliest to our design team via email.


What are ACP and its uses?

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs or Metal Signs) are the perfect way to advertise one’s business. ACP is perfect for huge exterior building signage purposes and can also be used indoors to get the typical industrial look and feel. For best appearance and longevity, we at Shivam Printing make use of print-photo graphics onto a high-quality Avery vinyl and laminate it with a Gloss, Matte or an Anti-Graffiti finish. These are applied to the panel with our highly advanced applicator to make sure you get a high-quality signage finish.

Why are you offering low-cost ACP signs?

Compared to other sign manufacturers, our manufacture volume provides great economies of scale. We also make it a point to collect only the lowest industry costs from our clients who buy our ACP sheets and pieces of vinyl in bulk directly from the manufacturers, and not through any random third-party distributors. We also print on the latest high-speed, high-quality HP Latex printers and then proceed with the application of the vinyl and lamination to the panels by making use of flatbed applicators and ensure that it is not performed by hand. All of these are key factors that enable us to offer the industry’s highest quality ACP Signs at the lowest cost possible across the Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney suburbs.

How long does the print last?

The longevity of the digital print is based on the various environmental conditions they get exposed to. Usually, the digital prints last for around 3-4 years before they start to fade, and the laminate should add around a year to this duration. While no signage company can offer a guarantee of print life, at Shivam Printing, we assure you that our signs use the highest quality printers and inks to ensure the maximum possible life for your signs.

What is lamination?

During lamination, these signs are digitally printed onto adhesive vinyl and then laminated with clear vinyl lamination, which is then applied to the panel. The lamination protects these digital prints from any harsh damage, which may be caused by abrasion, chemicals, extreme exposure to UV rays, etc. This will provide significant longevity for your signage. On the other hand, if your signage is in an area with a high risk of graffiti, then we also recommend that you order the anti-graffiti lamination. At Shivam Printing, we make use of a tough polyester lamination, and not vinyl, and this allows you to scrub the sign with graffiti-removing chemicals.

How much time does it take to complete the order?

We take pride in being able to provide you with the order within 24 hours and more depending on your order, that is, volume, size, and so on. You can customise your signboards for interior purpose too to give an industrial style to your commercial space. And here is the good news. We do not charge for any clarifications and quote for the work before we get our hands on the actual work for you.

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