While fancy, bright, and interactive online and social media ads remain today’s trends, one should not underestimate the usefulness of a perfect flyer. Although digital marketing is beneficial as it increases reach as well as engages the customers in real-time, unfortunately, it is somewhat lacking in depth and longevity to establish strong customer relationships.

 But flyers? Flyers are different. Catalogues are physical and allow consumers to interact with your products at their own time and in more detail than other media. Suppose a potential customer is mindlessly scrolling down social media feeds flooded with short and ephemeral content, on a click, one can navigate to a competitor’s page. Compare that to the feel of reading through an aesthetically appealing flyer. The customer is allowed to spend time on interesting product images & get inspired, focus on the details one more time and while doing so, the information is served to the customer and can be processed in a much better and efficient manner. This extended level of product acuity, not only virtual but physical, enables a certain bonding to be formed between the brand and the customer. Your flyer turns into a close friend, a friend who they rely on to influence their buying decision while the only interactions the digital ad provides are momentary impulses that do not build any sense of credibility.

As you know, the use of an eye-catching and professionally designed flyer is often the door-opener to enhanced customer experience and thus success. However, are flyers relevant in today’s social media friendly world? The answer is yes, innovation can be seen to be across all three interrelated levels of the organization as argued by Christensen et al.

Why Flyers Remain a Marketing Powerhouse

Here are just a few reasons why flyers should still be a part of your marketing mix:

  • Building Brand Awareness:  Using flyers skills in creating brand awareness is one of the most important in the marketing strategy. Richly designed flyer interventions attract attention and are not lost among the numerous online ads that are often ignored. They are tangible and physically take a place in the lives of your customers – on the refrigerator door, or in a purse – thus serving as a subtle branding for your corporation.
  • Guaranteed Views:  Digital ads are mostly scrolled through, kept unclicked, and otherwise avoided. Readers have learned how to avoid banner blindness, or simply delete spam from their inbox. While banners may be avoided, flyers cannot. Unlike other forms of advertising, when used in direct mail licking campaigns, they reach the intended audience, which cannot be said for other forms of advertising since the audience can delete an email without opening it for instance.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd:  It is common for many companies to now rely solely on online marketing there is not a great pop up for companies in direct mail. This gives a clear opportunity for your brand to shine and grab the attention of the potential consumers.
  • Perfect for In-Person Promotions:  Flyers are not only for the post. They are also preferred when one needs to do some promoting physically perhaps at an event, the launch of a new store or during a particular sale. It also makes a lot of sense for firms in getting their customers informed with new products or special offers without the use of a plain postcard or a rather heavy catalogue.

How do make your flyers more effective?

Here are a few key tips:

  1. Target Your Audience: To begin with, it is mandatory to comprehend your audience. Ensure that whatever message and design you are sending to them they are in line with their needs and maybe wants.
  • Design Matters:  The fact that a flyer is a piece of advertising a flyer needs to be very captivating. Hire a good designer and the end product should be flashy, well readable and not congested with too much information. Shivam Printing provides below mentioned variety of designing services to guarantee you the first glance of your flyer.
  • Keep it Simple:  Too much of anything is never good and this is especially true when designing a flyer; do not cram the flyer with text. Stay simple and go directly to the main message, which is your product, service, or event.
  • High-Quality Printing is Essential:  Business printing establishes the reputation of your brand. When you choose to deal with an outstanding printing company like Shivam Printing, you get to ensure you have the best quality of flyers with no blotches, this goes a long way in building trust with the customers.
  • Include a Call to Action:  Inform your audience what action you would like them to take next! It doesn’t matter if it is a case of getting the visitors to your website, people attending an event or a special offer being redeemed, a call to action is invaluable.

 Flyers, when properly utilized, forms part of the powerful weapons of advertisement in the marketing toolkit. They are a cost-efficient activity in establishing brand recognition, attracting qualified leads, and making sales.

The Takeaway:

Although the use of digital marketing is the focal point, it is vital not to overlook the effectiveness of supplementing flyers as a marketing tool. A properly designed and circulated flyer is one of the more effective sources of raising awareness, promoting sales and attaining a certain level of trust with your target consumers. Thus, whenever you are in the process of devising your marketing plan, do not underestimate the potential of print – after all, who could forget the bulky flyer that has been left on their doorstep, even if they do not pay much attention to online advertisements. Are you are ready to bring the impact of flyer to your business? Shivam Printing provides printing services at affordable prices. Our skilled staff will be capable of developing attractive flyers that are efficient and able to reach the clients. A strategic flyer campaign is exactly the final ingredient that is so often needed for the constant growth of business.

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